Thursday, March 29, 2012

I've been so lousy about blogging lately.  I love it, I miss it but I tell you, remembering to sit down and do it in the midst of busy-ness just isn't always easy.  Last night I was making a lovely vegetarian dinner and I went - my goodness, this would look good on my blog.  I cannot really take too much credit for most of it - I'm a good copycat and frankly there are some amazing bloggers out there who apparently are also AMAZING cooks. So I want to share my meal with everyone but will give credit where credit is due for sure!!!!
This meal is pretty low fat, low carb and no gluten.  So for those of you watching your weight - it was pretty filling and very tasty!
First up is spaghetti squash with butter and roasted garlic: Put a full head of garlic in the 350*  oven with a spaghetti squash with holes poked in it.  I wrapped the garlic in foil. When the squash is done, the garlic will be too, peel the garlic and mash it good with some butter that has been sitting out to soften. Mix that in with the spaghetti squash.
Second is this nummy gluten free foccacia bread brought to you by the lovely blog Book of Yum
I have made this bread several times and vary what I put in it and on it.  It's good as my gluten loving children can attest.  There are never any leftovers.  Poor hubby!
Next, is a beautiful Cauliflower and Kale soup.  I saw this recipe at a friends house, meant to get a copy and did not.  I found it online:
and I must say, mine did not turn out this lovely looking (I ended up using a combination of spinach and swiss chard because I'd already raided my kale patch for Kale salad a few nights ago) but boy was it tasty!!!! I did add a bit of greek yogurt (plain) to it.  This will be a repeat recipe at my house!!!!
Lastly was a Gluten Free Alfredo type pasta.  I made Hodgeson's Mill Gluten Free Linguini (NOM!) with sauteed asparagus (I LOVE SPRING!) and baby bella mushrooms in a cream sauce (yes, homemade and yes, gluten free of course) First I sauteed the veggies and then in another pan, melted butter, added some rice flour to make a roux and then added milk, salt, pepper and some freshly grated Parm cheese, tossed with the noodles and  topped off the meal with our favorite salad made of spring greens mix, fresh strawberries, feta cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing! 
For those of you wondering, no we are not vegetarian but with growing a lot of veggies, we do eat a lot of veg dinners. I would have trouble giving up some of my favorites in life - BBQ brisket, hamburgers and teriyaki chicken.  I have yet to make tofu work in those cases, I won't even try!  but I do not mind a good filling and low fat veggie filled meal such as this one.