Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some GREAT finds!

Okay, so this blog is not always about me. Occasionally I manage to stumble upon some other great blogs (food - mostly) that are just amazing and I am blessed to find recipes that really work for me!!! So my two most recent find are these two:
Homesick Texan - some of the MOST amazingly yummy recipes I've ever found and yes, I've made quite a few already - one is the Texas Potato Salad and her amazing carrot salad. So take a few moments to check out this blog - it's not too hard to convert some of her recipes to GF also!

And the other one I found recently was this one - Mennonite Girls can Cook. Okay - this one was a nifty little find as it has a ton of recipes that are Gluten Free!!!!! We made the Coconut Flour Brownies. And of course - are you seeing the theme here? Yeah - my goal is to make an amazing Gluten Free Brownies - A Culinary Marriage of sorts between Homesick Texans Lavender Brownies and Mennonite Girls Gluten Free. Stay tuned for the outcome.
But for those of you who cannot wait and are ready for some Gluten Free Brownies - here's the link:

You won't be sorry!!! Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day!

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