Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Dinner.

Father's day dinner ended up being part of our cheese adventures. I think I have a new FAVORITE. I know, I keep saying that but really, the whole cheese thing - just keeps getting better. So what are these you are asking? Well, Mozzarella pinwheels I guess is what you could call them. Sundried tomato, basil (from the garden) Prosciutto and mozarella cheese - all rolled up and cut!

So today I made homemade mozzarella cheese out of goat's milk. After stretching it, I dunked it back in the hot whey to make it more pliable and then rolled it out. Yep, into a sheet of cheese. Then I brined it and dried it off, laid thin slices of proscuitto, chopped basil from the garden and some sundried tomatoes on it and rolled it up. Let it rest for the rest of the day and cut it up for dinner. YUM! I got to thinking, you could almost fill these with anything and have lots of fun. Stay tuned. I think I could be posting a whole bunch more of the recipes from this particular adventure!
But that's not all folks!!!!! Yes, the cheesy goodness doesn't end here. I found this delish recipe on Cuceesprouts.
which calls for plain chevre to make it creamy and good! Two cheesy good recipes in one meal and healthy to boot. Also, for those of you cooking Gluten Free - there is NONE here!
Lastly we topped off the meal with this delicious wild rice salad from another of my favorite blogs
Simply Recipes! Nope, no cheese here but that's okay. It is a wonderful salad and a nice complement to the rest of the meal which included fresh salad from the garden.

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