Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve Dinner

New Year's dinner was a cooperative effort. We decided to for go traditional fare (Posole, Tamales etc) due to the food allergies and go for something really healthy. So we did a Lentil salad (from Sandy Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions - if you don't have it, I highly recommend it!!!!) It is cooked lentils with cilantro, shredded carrots and green onions topped with a basic dressing of EVOO, Dijon Mustard and white wine vinegar. It was good.
Secondly, There was a Kale salad. We were introduced to this by my cousin on Thanksgiving and with a little recipe tweeking - made it our own. It is a bunch of Kale (can't wait to grow this in the garden this spring) de-ribbed and finely chopped, Toasted seeds (pepitas, sunflowers and sesame) and chopped red bell pepper with a dressing of 2TBSP each: lemon juice, Wheat Free Tamari, and Olive oil. You massage this dressing into the Kale really well and toss with the other ingredients and it's yummy ! The original recipe for the dressing calls for Bragg's liquid aminos but hubby doesn't like them (I DO!) so I just use the wheat free Tamari. We also had the soup I posted a while back that is sweet potatoe with the cranberry sauce stirred in - I'm not going to repeat the recipe.
And lastly my kids (well, really my 16 yo) made this cheesy fries!
She peeled and cut up about 8 potatoes, tossed them in EVOO, salt and pepper and then baked them on 400* for about 40 min. Then added the cheese and stuck them back into the oven. They were yummy but I think they taste a bit better with some Herdez brand Salsa Verde - Hubby doesn't eat cooked tomatoes so some salsa's are OUT but this one is GREAT! I'd really like to say that the kids loved all this healthy food but the truth is, they ate the fries and some good old fashioned salad and left the soup, and two salads to dad and I. OH WELL, you can't win them all.

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