Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why Am I Here?

Time and Again I get asked how to make the stuff I make. I decided this was a good way to share the recipes we use here at home and share our recipes we make using things we grow or produce here at CBFNigerians. WE have a small herd of dairy goats which we make cheese, ice cream, kefir, yogurt and soaps from. We have a garden and lots of trees that produce veggies and fruits and now we have bees for honey.
I am always happy to share my recipes and I love being able to cook from the garden. So here I am blogging about some good eats from the homestead.
Another thing about us is that we have a family member who is Gluten/Wheat intolerant and we make a lot of food that is Gluten/wheat free. This will be a good source to add to your gluten free repetoire as well. Some of this stuff you won't even miss the wheat and gluten. I will try hard to remember to put together a pantry list and tell you about products that are ones we love when cooking. Otherwise, they are things we grow here!

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